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On Sunday May 5, 2019, Sunday Service will be held at the community building behind McDonald and Sons Funeral Home.
150 Sawnee Drive
Cumming, Ga 30040
Come Worship With Us! Sundays at 10am!

About Castle Christian Church

We are an independent non-denominational Christian Church.

We believe that in Jesus, God became human, lived among people, taught his Kingdom, died and rose from the dead in order to reveal God to us and institute the Kingdom of God as a radical alternative to the kingdom of the world.

Our goal is to be a community of people who tell the story of Jesus Christ in our worship and our daily lives as a witness to and in anticipation of the final manifestation of the Kingdom after our resurrection! We also believe that knowing God through Jesus fulfills the need in our lives for authentic community in the church.

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Recent Sermons

"Audacity" - Bill Ford
Scripture(s): Mark 11:12-25
Sunday, April 14 2019

"The Temple and The Fig Tree" - Bill Ford
Scripture(s): Mark 11:12-25, Mark 13:1-2, Hosea 9:10, Luke 19:43-44, Romans 11
Sunday, April 7 2019

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Events and Announcements

Feed the Hungry!

Picture of Castle Christian at the Place of Forsyth

We've partnered with 'the Place' to provide a meal for in-need county residents.
Next Meal: May 22, 2019
Volunteers Needed. Sign Up this Sunday!

Music Requests

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If you have a special hymn/song you'd like for us to include in our worship service, please contact Michael Foster, Lorie Morris, or Jan Abernathy!

What's New


April 14, 2019

1.We have no choice but to cancel our normal Maundy Thursday service. We encountered some scheduling conflicts with the VFW.

The Crosswalk will go ahead as planned.

2. Also, congratulations to Mike Foster who has graciously agreed to join the leadership of Castle Christian. Mike has always been dependable and he's full of fresh ideas. Thanks, Mike, for taking on this new responsibility. We all love you.

3. Barbara Chapman is now spending time in room 100 at the Cumming Nursing Center (2775 Castleberry Road) for her rehab.  

Update on Barbara

April 10, 2019

We understand Barbara suffered a pretty severe break in her arm. Her shoulder is also out of joint. At this point, they're going to keep her in the hospital for a couple of more days and then she'll be released to rehab. We don't know for how long she'll be in rehab.

Please remember Barbara in your prayers. We'll post updates when we can.

Message from Bill

March 19, 2019

When I left church this morning I had a text from my dad that my Uncle Horace, Mom’s brother, had died around 9:45 this morning. Though expected, it’s never easy. Horace was a visionary. He founded and ran Camp Chatahooche in Roswell for about 30 years. He also founded NOC (Natahala Outdoor Center), one of the largest river outfitters in the world. He was also a seminary graduate from Union Theolohical Seminary in Richmond, VA. These are a few of the things he did. He was a very gentle man with a great sense of humor. We’ll miss Uncle Horace. 


March 09, 2019

Children, please remember to move your clocks forward tonight. If you don't you will miss all of the service and you'll have to sing by yourself and preach to yourself and call Ben when you're done so he can come and lock up. HAHA
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Pastoral Services

Pastor Ford is available on Friday's for pastoral services.

You can contact him by phone at 770.687.6621